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Simple Scottish Stories are special to me.  As of August 2022, they are now the main way I share my writing with my community. I would love for you to join us. 

In these weekly stories, I will share my personal reflections on how I live slowly and simply. From deciding to be mortage free and live in a Tiny Home, to rambling in my beloved Scottish Highlands, and building my creative business in a mindful and authentic way.

It is my intention to build a community of like-minded souls, that crave a simpler and slower pace of life, a deep connection with nature and are never afraid to be their authentic self.

By subscribing, you will receive a story directly to your inbox every Monday, as well as full access to all my previous stories.  You can look forward to - 

  • Weekly reflections from my simple life

  • Resources and recommendations e.g., books, podcasts plant-based recipes and anything else that has added value to my life

  • Gentle guides for those wanting to simplify their life and inspire their creativity

  • Updates on recent content I have shared and exclusive insight into any upcoming work

  • Bonus access to my 'Blogging toolkit', a digital guide with templates that I've created especially for my subscribers

Sign up below so we can continue building this wonderful community

Simple Scottish Stories

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