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Life edit - 5 things I won't make time for anymore

Its happening. I'm turning 30 next year. How did that happen?!

I'm approaching this milestone with mixed emotions. Mostly, I'm excited for this next step and a new chapter for my life to unfold. But another more panicked part of me is frantically wondering how I'm allowed to make adult decisions and just wants to hide under the duvet....

Although turning 21 feels like yesterday (not that I remember much of it!), in reality, I've grown into a very different person over the past few years. I'm far more selective in what I let into my life, especially since I have embraced minimalism. Perhaps you can relate to a few of these...


At the beginning of this year, I made the decision to give up drinking for 2021. To be frank, this hasn't really posed a challenge. I've found that as the years of passed, I've needed more reasons to bother drinking in the first place. I've not had anything remotely close to a hangover since New Years 2019! Gone are the days where I would drink to 'fit in'. Now, I'm quite content with my soft drink and alcohol has really lost its allure. I don't miss those headaches!

Mindless shopping & poor quality products

I used to LOVE shopping. It would be a favourite way to spend a weekend.

Since embracing minimalism, my shopping has become far more intentional. I'm not perfect, but I do try and stick to a list rather than getting completely carried away and start piling anything into my basket!

I am also far more discerning now. I can recognise and value higher quality products and chose to invest rather than lumping for cheap alternatives. Less really is more. This doesn't always have to be expensive, and you can read my tips on how to spot high quality second hand clothing here.

My minimal wardrobe

Dressing for anyone else

I remember the agony of helplessly standing in front of my overstuffed wardrobe, yet having nothing to wear.

This was my early 20's summed up. My wardrobe was stuffed with cheap fast fashion clothing, that I would wear a few times then dismiss as I felt it was no longer deemed cool. I had no idea what my style was, so I just dressed so that I wouldn't stand out too much. Always subconsciously trying to fit in.

Once again, minimalism changed everything. After some massive declutters, I was left with the bare bones of a wardrobe and it was time to figure out what clothing actually made me happy (you can read more about how minimalism shaped my style here). Now, my wardrobe is a third of the size, but filled with unique pieces that make me feel confident every day.

My 'Lucy and Yak' dungarees were a real turning point in finding my style...


We are a generation of scrollers. Earlier this year, I completed a full digital declutter, to try and get a handle on this habit. I recognised that I was spending far too much of my time on this mindless scrolling and it was really starting to take a toll on my mental health.

Now, I'm not perfect at this. Far from it. It feels like a constant battle where I keep having to pull myself back after scrolling binges. However, I am more aware than I have ever been and now have healthy habits that I can put in place to tackle this and ensure I am living the life I deserve.

People pleasing

The biggest difference between myself as I am now and my early 20s, is that I really know who I am. I am incredibly protective of this person.

I'm finally reaching some kind of balance where I can give my time to those that deserve it, without compromising myself in the process. I am selective on who I have in my life for this very reason and I am tentatively improving in my ability to say no.

I also no longer feel the need to justify myself. I've created a life that is perhaps a little bit different (vegan, minimalist, sober, tiny living etc...), but that doesn't give others the right to criticise. I may continue to get bemused looks, but I know that I have created a life that I am truly proud of. This is the most important lesson I have learnt.

What about you? Any parts of your life that you are leaving behind? Comment below...


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