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How To - Spring clean like a minimalist

Spring is the perfect opportunity to shake things up. The feeling of a fresh season always gets me eager to clean. That, and the fact that more sunlight shows up how unclean my windows really are!

Over the years, I've streamlined my cleaning methods so that they are as efficient as possible. Keeping a clean and tidy home now feels almost effortless. Today, I will share my top minimalist tips so your spring clean may last even longer than May...

Declutter first

I was obviously going to start with this. No matter how much you try, if you have too much stuff, your home will always revert to feeling messy. I cannot tell you how much time I've saved since creating a more minimal home. Dusting has become a revelation. A once despised job is now a breeze as I keep my surfaces much clearer.

So, have a sort through of your possessions and see if there is anything there you can let go of. You'll likely be surprised by how much you come up with. No matter how often I declutter, there is always more I can discard as my circumstances change. I highly recommended Mari Kondo's books 'The life-changing magic of tidying' and 'Spark Joy' for some inspiration and practical tips. You will be folding your pants in no time!

Everything has a place

Tidying is a very simple process. Essentially, everything should have a place and should be returned there when finished using it. Ta da. Simple, but its remarkable how rubbish we can be at this! One issue could be that you have too much stuff (see above). Its also important that the home you choose for your items makes sense. Try not to scatter your belongings around your home. Group them so you always know where to look. I have my clothes in one wardrobe, my electricals in one cupboard, books on one bookshelf etc. Stick to this and loosing items will become a thing of the past. Just ensure everyone in your household knows the rules!

Keep it simple

I swear there is a cleaning item for everything these days. Every room of the house can have 5 different cleaners. Its bonkers. Over the years, I've stripped back to a few simple cleaners, some of which I make myself. This includes one laundry detergent, one dishwashing liquid, one all-purpose cleaner and one glass cleaner. This coupled with some cleaning sponges and rags and I'm all set! Its meant that I no longer have an overstuffed cleaning cupboard and its also saved me money which is a bonus.

My simple cleaning toolkit

The 1 minute jobs

If you spot a job that will take 1 minute or less to complete, do it straight away. Jumper on the floor? Return it to its draw. Crumbs on the worksurface? Wipe them up. Smear on a mirror? Give it a quick polish. Ignored, these 1 minute jobs can escalate, so nip them in the bud. It means everything is much easier to keep in order between cleaning days.

Clean as you go

I like to clean alongside my other tasks. For instance, I hate finishing my dinner and having to face down a mountain of dirty dishes. Instead, I do my dishes whilst my dinner is bubbling away so I can just relax in my evenings. I also like to spread my cleaning out through the week, so I'm not left with a filthy house come Friday. I do one extra cleaning job a day (besides the usual dishes etc), like empty the bins or mop a floor, so that I spend no more than an hour cleaning on my precious weekends.

Final tip - Make it fun!

I count cleaning as a form of self-care. I set aside proper time for it and find it really helps with my mental health. There is no better stress buster than furiously scrubbing a shower basin! So, make this as fun as you can. Treat yourself to a wacky apron that makes you smile when you wear it. Or blast your music so you can have a boggy as you hoover. Make sure you treat yourself once you've finished. A cup of a tea and biscuit will feel so much more satisfying in a sparkling clean kitchen...

My apron always gets me in the cleaning mood!

Comment below with your own top cleaning tips, I'd love to hear them!


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