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How to live Cottagecore - its more than a trend

I'm not usually one to follow trends. This time its different. It turns out, Cottagecore describes the life I am already living.

You may have heard this word popping up across your social media, especially if you spend time on Instagram and Pinterest. Now I've started looking, it seems to be everywhere. But what does it mean?

On the surface, Cottagecore is an internet aesthetic, depicting a simpler rural life. Think Anne of Green Gables and Little Women and you won't be far off. Although it has been around for a few years now, this trend has really taken off over the last couple of years. No doubt, Covid has accelerated this popularity as we have all been slowing down and staying at home much more.

Crucially, this trend was founded by the LGBQTIA+ community. This inclusivity is vital and ensures that this is a safe space for everyone.

Our world is changing and we are increasingly looking to live slower and more simple lives, where we are kind to each other and the earth. With COP around the corner, this feels more important than ever.

That's why I deem Cottagecore as a movement, rather than a trend. It is our reaction to an increasingly turbulent world and a way for younger generations to forge a new way of living. No matter your circumstances, this idea can be embraced by everyone. Read on to get some inspiration on how to bring a little Cottagecore flavour to your life....

Mindfulness and gratitude

Cottagecore is as much about a mindset as it is about the aesthetic. It encourages us to live intentionally and enjoy the small daily joys.

Choose some activities that ground you and allow the stress of daily life melt away. You can try meditation, yoga or even some simple breathing exercises, to slow your mind down and reconnect with your body.

Gratitude journaling is a wonderful way of capturing the good and allowing you the opportunity to appreciate the joy in your life.


The Cottagecore aesthetic includes a cosy home, with a eclectic mix of vintage and nature inspired items. Even if you don't live in a typical cottage, you can create this vibe with a few items that give your home a cosy feel.

As a minimalist, I am not one for many nick knacks. Our tiny home is predominantly modern, but includes a few rustic touches, like reclaimed wooden shelves, vintage books & houseplants, that make it feel more homey. Take aspects of this aesthetic and make it your own, maintaining the intention to make this as sustainable as possible e.g. buying second hand.

Our cosy tiny home kitchen

A timeless wardrobe

My Pintrest is currently full of Cottagecore inspired outfits. I adore the mix of femininity and practicality of this aesthetic. Think dungarees, pinafores and linen dresses that all pair well with wellies of course!

This aesthetic suits my lifestyle well, as I can move between walking the dog and still look presentable enough to go to tea with friends.

For this type of clothing, I would recommend shopping second hand. This is not only more sustainable, but it can result in some vintage items that give this trend real authenticity. Just type words like Cottagecore into eBay or Depop and see what you can find. Natural fabrics like linen and cotton work best with this aesthetic.

Alternatively, there are some lovely Etsy shops that sell this style of clothing, it you wanted to invest in a few key pieces whilst doing your bit to support small businesses.

This apron dress is from the sustainable brand 'Olive'

Intentional eating

This trend aligns with my sustainability values perfectly. It encourages practises such as seasonal eating and growing your own food where possible.

Although I am yet to obtain a fully functioning cottage garden, I do try and alter my diet with the seasons. An easy way to do this is check the origin of your produce when out shopping or, better yet, purchase fruit & veg boxes from your local farms, which will help lower food miles and your carbon footprint.

Slow hobbies

Enjoy a slower pace with this lifestyle. Embrace peaceful and nourishing hobbies, like reading, crafting or gentle walks in nature. Whatever makes you feel most at peace.

Essentially, Cottagecore is a way of using the best of the past to ensure our future. I am grateful that much of these practises have been taught to me by my mother. I cherish these lessons and will continue to strive for a slower, kinder and more nourishing life.

What about you? What elements of Cottagecore will you bring into your life? Comment below.


Lynn Ross
Lynn Ross
Dec 06, 2021

I'm so very glad to read this Molly and to follow your adventures. It is so lovely to see my principles being carried on by the next generation. I know your Mum is most proud. xx

Replying to

Thank you very much for your comment and following along Lynn! Lovely having you here 😊

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