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5 essential morning habits that have radically changed my life: free morning routine worksheet

Never did a dream that I would willingly be getting up at 5.30am on a Sunday. What have I become?

The thing is, I love my mornings. They have become the most important part of the day for me. Its the time of day that I can fully focus on myself and what's really important in my life. Today, I wanted to share the 5 essential habits that ensure I start my day right. Keep reading to find out how implementing these simple habits has radically changed my life.

Habit 1 - Getting up earlier

This is the most important habit I have implemented. It made all the following habits achievable. I currently get up at about 5.30 most days, but you don't need to follow this example exactly. Find a time that works for you, even if its 10 minutes earlier than you usually get up. Even this small amount of time can be a gamechanger.

To be able to consistently get up earlier, you need to be prepared. Be strict with your bedtime and ensure you have a nourishing night sleep e.g. by avoiding being on your phone just before bed. Put your alarm across the room so you have to leave your bed to turn it off. Write your to-do list the night before so you can smoothly move through your morning. Put out your clothes the evening before so you have no need to waste time debating over outfits. Make this as easy for yourself as possible.

Habit 2 - Move your body

If I don't move my body first thing in the morning, there is no way I will be motivated to do so later in the day. This was the primary reason why I wanted to fit working out into my morning routine. Essentially, to get it over with. However, I've found over time that my body craves this. Its learnt to expect those feel-good endorphins. If I miss my workout now, I just feel off and my day becomes sluggish.

Its your body, so you can decide how you want to move it. Everyone is different so its important to listen to what your body is telling you. I like to do more intense Pilates or HIIT workouts during the weekdays and opt for a yoga practise on the weekends. As long as some part of my body is moving, it counts.

Habit 3 - Nourishing breakfast

I take breakfast very seriously. Gone are the days where I thought a slice of toast or breakfast bar would suffice. Now, I pack as many nutrients into my breakfast as possible. Even if my eating goes drastically downhill during the day, which it can do (hello giant chocolate bars), I know I've at least put some nourishing food into my body.

Again, preparation is key here. My breakfast of choice is overnight oats, which I soak the night before with oat milk, chia seeds and raisins. Then its just a matter of warming it through in the morning. I top it off with as many superfoods as possible, including linseed, hemp seeds cocoa nibs, blueberries and banana. Super yummy and I never get bored of it!

Habit 4 - Nourishing mind

Out of all my habits, this is the one that has taken the most work. Its also the one that I will still regularly skip. I've always wanted meditation as part of my routine, but I seem to just makes excuses...

However, I have persevered and now I do 5 minutes of meditation most weekday mornings. I follow a guided meditation, as I do not have the focus to calm my thoughts without real help! I've also found doing it just after my exercise works best, as I've already gotten rid of some excess energy. If nothing else, its an excuse to sit down!

Habit 5 - Invest in a passion project

Without this last habit, this blog wouldn't exist.

I've had many false starts in blog writing in the past. It just never seemed to stick. This time, however, I have been able to consistently upload content to my blog every week. Fitting in work on this, even if its only for 15 or 30 mins in the morning, has made this possible. It brings me so much joy, connected me with some wonderful like-minded people, and has been a side-hustle in itself. It is now one of the most important elements of my life and cemented as a morning habit.

So, what's changed?

How has this changed my life you may wonder? Well, some of the obvious changes have been my physical and mental health. I'm fitter and stronger than I've ever been. My relationship with my body has become much more positive as a result. The meditation, although still a challenge, has started to creep into my days. Adding a much-needed sense of serenity to my life.

Perhaps most excitingly, now that I am earning some extra money with this side-hustle, I am able to consider reducing my work hours. This extra income, coupled with the savings we will have by living in a tiny home (which you can read about here), has given me this option. I am so grateful for this freedom.

This can work for you too. To help you along, I've created a free printable PDF where you can create your own 5 habits. Put in the work and I promise you, you won't regret it.

My Morning Timeline Worksheet
Download PDF • 33KB


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