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My Story

My story began with a rather odd looking guinea pig named Dolly.  I was 6 years old and desperate for my first pet.  At the pet shop, I was told that this small creature was the runt of the litter and they were struggling to find a home for her.  I didn't even hesitate.  At that moment, I felt a wave of connection.  I had to have her.  

Since my beloved Dolly, I have constantly surrounded myself with animals.  They are my family and my purpose.  As I grew, this interest extended outside of my domestic family, to the wild creatures that surrounded me.  I spent a childhood up trees, crawling amongst meadows and leaping between rocks, trying to get to know these fascinating animals better.  It is no surprise that this led to a career as a wildlife conservationist. 

This connection with nature led me to the Scottish Highlands.  A wild place that is just bursting with life.  My ultimate inspiration. 

Nature fuels everything I do, from deciding to live a vegan and minimalist lifestyle to shunning a more typical larger house and deciding to build our own tiny home.  It is the reason why I started a blog, as I wanted to share my passion for nature and show others how they can live in a way that is simpler, authentic and kinder to our planet.  

Although my content has progressed since I wrote that tentative first blog in 2020, my values have remained the same.  I am delighted with the support I have received and the growing community at Hippy Highland Living.  It really means the world. 

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